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We used to have BT Mobile signal problems in our cabin but now they are gone!

We used to have BT Mobile signal problems in our cabin but now they are gone!

It’s a commonly known fact that people usually have weak phone signal in the forests. I never drew my attention to things like these, until one day I decided to buy a nice piece of land with a small cabin on it for my family to rest thee sometimes. After it happened, I came there for the first time for the whole weekend to check everything out, and found out a slightly terrifying thing. There was BT Mobile poor coverage there. Most remote cabins are meant for that, but not in the case of my family, where everyone wants and needs to have good signal all the time. Of course, the reasons were simple: BT Mobile cell phone tower was pretty far away and there was a huge lot of trees blocking the signal.

I’m a long tome BT Mobile subscriber and it wouldn’t really make any sense to change the operator, because, I guess, none of them would work deep in the forest anyway. So I wanted to somehow improve the situation with the existing signal and make it work. I started searching and I found out that there are such devices as cell phone signal repeaters and they can help me with my GSM signal and make it better. My case wasn’t probably the worst they were able to deal with, so I decided to contact some company that sells signal boosters.

My choice fell on Mobile-signal-boosters company and their store, because they seemed really trustworthy. I needed such an option of a signal booster, that would work for GSM and 3G signals, and they offered me a really affordable repeater model that fits these descriptions perfectly. They never tried to sell me something more expensive and less useful with lots of unnecessary functions, and they never tried to persuade me that my case is worse than it is to charge some extra money. And I actually never regretted trusting them and buying a BT Mobile signal repeater from their store.

In just two days, which is a truly amazing delivery speed I didn’t expect, I received a parcel. Then I put my cell phone inside my pocket, took the box with the booster to my cabin and unpacked it there. Fortunately, I didn’t need any internet, because the user instructions were printed out on paper and put inside the box together with other details. It is really handy for people with BT Mobile signal problems. Then I checked all the parts inside the box – the booster, the antennas, the power plug and the wires – and everything was there and in good quality.

I had to place the outer antenna really high - on the roof of the cabin - and make it face the direction of the nearest BT Mobile cell tower (I first checked where that is so I wouldn’t do anything completely wrong) to maximize the chances of catching better signal. Then I connected it all to the small and nicely looking booster box, that I mounted on the wall near the window and plugged in the inner antenna. After that I simply had to plug the booster box into the power socket to see if it all works.

I find that very symbolic that after I switched the mobile phone booster on, the phone inside my pocket buzzed. It received a message that my wife sent to me, because the signal became stable and good. It was very unusual to see the working signal (four signal bars on my phone) inside this remote cabin in the woods. The booster was actually working very well, catching this so very needed BT Mobile poor signal and amplifying it really nicely.

After all, I want to thank Mobile-signal-boosters and their team for helping me out with my BT Mobile signal issues. My case was pretty classic, but they still managed to choose a really affordable booster for me, with no tricks. Their website is really helpful and contains all the information about how it all works, and their online support can help with any questions. I totally recommend Mobile-signal-boosters to anyone who has signal issues of any kind.

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