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Asda signal problems may significantly affect your business.

Asda signal problems may significantly affect your business.

I live in the capital and I own a modern hotel located just in the center of the city. My business is very important for me, but the comfort and satisfaction of my guests is undoubtedly a priority. My visitors had always complained about Asda poor signal inside the hotel. The mobile connection was weak because of thick concrete walls which didn’t allow the signal to reach people. I was really disappointed to say the least of it. I knew for sure that visitors who were dissatisfied with their stay in my place would never recommend my hotel to their friends and relatives.

It goes without saying, that Asda signal issues could have resulted in grave business problems. What is more, my reputation could have suffered. I realized that Asda network wasn’t guilty at all and the only person to blame was I myself. The operator’s coverage around the city was perfect and the fact that Asda signal issues arose in my hotel didn’t mean that the situation was the same in other hotels. Everyone loves Asda provider, personally I am their subscriber as well. So I knew for sure that no one would like to change the operator just to make their stay at my hotel comfortable.

Fortunately, I quickly understood that the situation needs immediate action. I decided to install a mobile phone signal booster. From my friends I have learnt that Mobile-signal-boosters offers a wide range of models suitable both for home use and for business. I called their manager and explained the kind of problem I had to solve. He told me that their company has a few models suitable, which differed in the area they cover, working frequencies and types of signals they improve. Taking into account all my preferences, he helped me choose the most suitable one.

I made an order at once and just a few days later I got the parcel with my amplifier. The full kit was what immediately grabbed my attention. There were two antennas, cables, a booster box and all the necessary mounting equipment in the box. As you can guess, I didn’t buy anything else in order to install the repeater. What is more, the company provided a detailed user’s manual and a three-year warranty, which was very important for me. So I got down to studying the installation process and looking into the instructions given in the manual.

When everything was clear, I decided to call the support team to clarify a few points regarding the direction of the outside antenna and the best place for the inside antenna. The specialist explained everything in detail and I started the installation. I finished just in half an hour. The outside antenna was mounted in the direction of the Asda best possible signal and the inside antenna was placed between the first and the second floors in the middle position. Both the antennas were connected with the booster box with cables. Once everything was ready I plugged the repeater in and it automatically started to improve Asda poor coverage in the hotel.

The screen of my phone showed five bars. I decided to check the quality of mobile connection and made a call. The audibility was perfect. There was no nose, no interruptions. Everything worked smoothly. I have noticed that due to the booster my phone gets discharged less often. As far as my visitors are concerned, they make no complaints about Asda signal problems any more. Now I can be sure that they will recommend my hotel to their friends and they will leave positive feedback about their stay.

I would like to say that Mobile-signal-boosters offers solutions to all kinds of signal problems. It’s a pleasure to work with them, as they are professionals in the field of signal amplification. Their managers gave me advice concerning choosing the model and performing correct installation. I have never met such a customer-oriented approach in my life.

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