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Our restaurant couldn't boast excellent mobile signal but now it's almost perfect!

Our restaurant couldn't boast excellent mobile signal but now it's almost perfect!

A lot of visitors of a restaurant I work at have been complaining about poor mobile signal and their inability to use the internet. As an administrator, I had to do something about the situation, because, of course, I care about the visitors being satisfied, and that annoyed them a lot. As I was informed, poor signal issues were happening all the time because the restaurant is located partially on the underground floor and in a pretty crowded neighborhood with lots of buildings around, so, despite this place being not too far from the city center, the signal was severely disrupted. This issue needed to be solved, so I started looking for a solution.

Moreover, we were still partially underground, so it might be the reason for bad penetration of a cell signal. I decided to go with an option of a signal repeater for improving mobile Internet and GSM signal for our clients, because it would have been paid back in a couple of months and still save us money and, overall, be a convenient thing no matter what.

My searches for a right device led me to Mobile-signal-boosters online store, and they captured my attention instantly. They had all the information in an easy to understand format, very detailed and really honest. What is a signal repeater? How does it work? How to choose one? All of these questions were explained easily. Also their manager assisted me in making up my mind about the necessary model. She asked me some questions about the size of the restaurant and offered me an option that had a nice price and was suitable for the exact signals that I wanted. I talked to some people from the restaurant team and we eventually decided to buy this signal booster.

The parcel arrived in just a couple of days, and we all were impressed. The contents of the box were absolutely similar to the list of what we were expecting: the inside antenna, the outside antenna, the power source, the wires and last, but not least – the booster box itself. It was so very compact, well-designed and nicely looking! We could have just randomly put it on the wall, and it absolutely wouldn’t have ruined the interior design in any way.

And that was exactly what we did. One of our team – not a special technician that we paid extra money for that, just a regular worker – did it really quick before the opening. We did though reward him afterwards, for sure. He placed the booster on the wall near the window, put the outside antenna somewhere out the window and connected them together, then plugged the inside antenna in, powered it up by plugging the system into a power socket – and it was done. It was actually that easy! Anybody can do this on their own. Especially with the help of the user guide that came in the parcel.

After that small sequence of actions, we switched the Mobile-signal-boosters’ signal repeater on and opened the restaurant. And we didn’t receive a single complaint about the slow browsing or the bad cell phone reception that day. In fact, we never received them any other day. All of the clients who decide to use the internet at our place are satisfied with the signal quality now, all thanks to Mobile-signal-boosters and their high-quality signal booster that works so well. It handles a lot of people at the same time without speed losses or any other issues.

Me and all of our team are very thankful that Mobile-signal-boosters made our issues go away in such an easy way. Their website is really well-built and easy to use, and their customer support is also great! They actually are selling good quality products that are shipped swiftly. Besides, they are very helpful if you are confused what model to choose, and they recommend the best one, not the most important with “the coolest feature that you will definitely need even though it’s useless and expensive”. Lots of tech stores do that, but not Mobile-signal-boosters.

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