Today it’s quite impossible to imagine the life of a modern person without the internet. We use the worldwide network for communication, searching for necessary information, entertainment, and business purposes. All this makes us feel a strong necessity for having a stable internet connection regardless of the place where we are. If you travel a lot, you probably have faced the situation when the WiFi signal in a hotel or guesthouse was not strong enough in your room and you had no other choice but to go to the lobby. And you definitely know how it is irritating when you stay at the hotel somewhere in the countryside and your mobile signal is low as well. But what if we say that today it is possible to avoid such situations? With a good travel cell phone signal booster, it is absolutely easy to solve these problems.

What is a travel router?

A travel router for internet (and in this case, it doesn’t matter whether we speak about cell phone signal booster travel models or devices for strengthening a WiFi signal) is intended for facilitating the process of connection of your smartphone, tablet or laptop to the network. How is it possible? Thanks to the amplifying the signal of the network and making it accessible for your devices.

A WiFi signal booster travel kit is very similar to the router that you have in your house or office. But the difference is that it is smaller and it is portable.

The majority of companies that manufacture routers and boosters offer travel versions of their products. Some of them can be as small as a portable charger for your smartphone or even as a credit card that can be easily carried in a pocket.

So, in general, we can say that it is a travel version of your router or cell phone signal booster that you can easily use in a hotel, cafe or even airport where the problems with a connection can’t be called a rare thing. That’s why a WiFi signal booster travel in Europe is a device that has been actively gaining popularity since the moment it became available on the market.

How does a travel router work?

Different models if such routers and boosters may have various options and features. However, there is something all of them have in common. Their key functionality is to improve the quality of the signal of the existing network.

Let’s put it as simply as possible and say that when the cell phone or WiFi signal in your hotel room is too low for your mobile devices to ensure a strong connection for your activities, a booster will catch this low signal and makes it stronger for you. As a result, your connection will be established much easier and, what’s more, the risk of interruptions will be much lower.

How to choose the best travel router in 2020

Nowadays you can find different models of travel routers at different prices and with different features. However, to buy a device that will be the best one for you, we recommend you to pay your attention to several points. They are:

  1. Power source. Though some routers need to be connected to an external source each time you want to use them, there are also models that have batteries. It means that you are more flexible when it comes to using them. However, in such a case you need to pay your attention to the battery power. The more powerful battery you will have, the better it is for you. But there is no difference which type of a router you have; it will be always great to have a device that can be powered via a USB port. With it, you will be able to charge the battery plugging your router into your laptop.
  2. Ports. For a good travel WiFi router, there is an important requirement to have Ethernet and USB ports. With an Ethernet port you will be able to transform a wired connection into a wireless one (and this way make it available for many devices and not only laptops but also tablets and smartphones). Depending on the model, a USB port may allow you to power other devices from your router (or to charge your device from a laptop).
  3. Frequency bands. When it comes to WiFi boosters, it is extremely important to have a device that works with the most modern WiFi standard. But when we speak about cell phone signal boosters for travelers, it is important to have the device that is compatible with the frequency bands used in the country. Though in Europe they are standard, you should keep this point in your mind when you go to other continents.

Benefits of travel routers

It is certain that it is absolutely possible to live without a travel signal booster. But it is also clear that it can make your trips much more comfortable. Though the models of such devices can be different, they all share the same key benefits:

  1. You can enjoy an excellent internet connection even in the places where a WiFi or cell phone signal leaves much to desire. Just imagine, with such a router, you will be able to communicate with your nearest and dearest, send them pictures and videos, make video calls while you are traveling. Moreover, a travel router can be a good option for freelancers who do not want to risk nor to meet deadlines due to poor internet.
  2. It is compact and you can place it even in your hand luggage without any problems.
  3. If you use a travel WiFi router you do not need to get connected to a new network each time you move to another location. You always can stay connected to the network created by your router. It helps to increase the security of your connection.

What you should remember about of travel routers

Though we insist that travel routers are highly useful devices, before ordering one of them you should remember that many of them do not represent themselves mobile hotspots. They work with an already existing mobile signal. It means that if you want to be able to use mobile internet in places that are not covered with such a network, you need to use a mobile hotspot. Or there is another option for you. Today you can buy a device that is a combo of a router and a hotspot.

And there is one more limitation related to the use of a travel router. While some of them have batteries, some others need to be connected to an external power source.

When and why do you need a travel router?

Though we strongly believe that a travel cell phone signal or WiFi booster is an irreplaceable device for travelers, it is clear that only you decide on whether you will buy it or not. However, to facilitate your decision-making process, we’ve prepared a small questionnaire for you.

  • Do you travel a lot without a desire to stay fully isolated while these trips?
  • Have you faced the situation when you wanted to get connected to the internet staying at your hotel room but didn't manage to do it due to a low signal?
  • Do you want to have a possibility to check your emails, communicate in messengers, share photos during your trips?
  • Do you want to stay connected with your family and friends even when you are at the airport or a hotel?
  • Do you want to forget about your wild dances with your smartphone when you are trying to catch the signal?

If you answered “yes” to these questions, the conclusion is obvious. Without any doubt, a travel router is something that you really need.

In our catalogue, you can find a wide choice of excellent devices that are designed to make your communication better. In case you have any questions regarding models, their characteristics or delivery and payment terms, we are always at your disposal.